The mysterious Black Mountains of Montenegro remain an unspoiled destination.  Pristine peaks and alpine-like meadows sit next to the Venetian fortresses and the golden sands of the Adriatic sea. Just a wee bit north of thence lies Dubrovnik, the Croatian big brother of the medieval Montenegrian cities. It is there that we begin and end our trip. 

The majestic mountains in the east, the deep (and we do mean DEEP) canyon of river Tara, gorgeous lakes, and serpentine roads will offer unparalleled views; just make sure there is enough space on your camera' memory card. We will take even beyond the Black Mountains, to discover Sarajevo, with its rich history and wealth of treasures undiscovered yet by the crowds. Spend the Shabbat with the old Sephardic congregation of the city.

Come with us, and see, hear, and taste the true Balkans.

Leaving Soon

The Kitchen

The kosher traveler is no longer willing to accept days of canned tuna and sliced bread. Lately, we have seen the rise of excellent professionally organized glatt kosher tours operating day trips from the single base hotel.