Spain and Portugal

A trip to Portugal opens a whole volume of hidden Jewish history, where counts and poets, ministers and philosophers, rabbis and politicians, merchants and alchemists all play major roles through centuries of bizarre and mercurial twists of fate.

And, of course, wherever we turn, we'll see the reminders of the harrowing past of Crypto-Jews; the Anusim. 

An amazing country of ancient cities and quaint hamlets, the touching street music Fado, unending ocean, an essential plate of bacalao and a glass of port.

Let Gämla open a door for you into this big and beautiful world.

Leaving Soon

The Kitchen

The kosher traveler is no longer willing to accept days of canned tuna and sliced bread. Lately, we have seen the rise of excellent professionally organized glatt kosher tours operating day trips from the single base hotel.