Immerse yourself in the intensely sensual experience of Sicily, with its pictures fishing villages, antiques rivaling those of Greece and Rome, Etna - the most active volcano in Europe, and the unique cuisine with its vivid colours, smells, and tastes. We will take you to the greatest must-sees of this inimitable island that imbibed the culture of ancient Phoenicians, Greeks, Jews, Arabs, Normans, the French, the Spanish, and the Italian, each leaving an imprint on its life and customs. See the big cities with their all-out palaces and parks, touch the stone pillars of the amazingly intact ancient temples, ascend the mount of Etna, and indulge your palate in the extravaganza of Sicilian tastes.

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The Kitchen

The kosher traveler is no longer willing to accept days of canned tuna and sliced bread. Lately, we have seen the rise of excellent professionally organized glatt kosher tours operating day trips from the single base hotel.